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Manos Que Sobreviven seeks to help people who are less fortunate and anyone of low income, especially families with children who have special needs.


Our vision is to provide families, children, and the homeless, with a source of support and better opportunities regardless of their religion, culture, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. We provide food and other necessities to homeless people and partner with other nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and public entities to serve.

We seek to adopt orphanages and shelters to provide basic needs and services. We seek to provide social and emotional support to people and families affected by HIV and other illnesses and diseases and provide them with resources and housing so they may live and thrive.

Manos Que Sobreviven is committed to

offering services that

benefit the low-income

communities in Los Angeles.

The safety and well-being of our communities are always a priority.

GIVING our Love and our HEART

Photo of our volunteers serving our community at our weekly food distribution

Pic of Dia Del Nino 2023 .jpg

Photo of our International Children's Day Event

May 20, 2023

Photo of International Children's Day Event

May 21 2022

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Panda Found Raiser.JPG

Photo of our volunteers

In Panda Express Found Raiser

Oct 28, 2023 

Photo of our volunteer in The Thanksgiving Dinner Event

 November 22 2023

Pic of Thanksgiving event 2024.jpg
Pic of Christmas 2024.JPEG

Photo of our Volunteers in The Holiday With Hope Event

(Santa Village) 

December  23 2023

We give

our hearts and our time to create a better world

We are a non-profit organization that fights against food insecurity in our communities

We invite you to be part of this fight by clicking on the donation button

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