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In 2011, in appreciation for safely crossing the border, and finding a job and a place to live, an undocumented immigrant decided to help the less fortunate by preparing food and serving it to people living on the streets in downtown Los Angeles. Shortly after he was joined by a retired civil servant who helped widen the effort and expand the vision. 
2013 Manos held a fund-raiser and with resources began looking for new ways to help. They founded an orphanage called EUNIME in Tijuana for children who are abandoned by their families because they are HIV-positive. This began a special relationship with EUNIME and brought Alberto back to his roots as a child in Tijuana and laid the foundation for Manos’ mission today. 

2017 Alberto began working for a non-profit called Very Human whose mission is to “increase the health, well-being, and livelihood of people living with HIV/Aids.” It was there that he became familiar with social service providers and learned the bureaucratic details of helping people. Working for Very Human was also where his life purpose came into focus and that of Manos. He saw a vacuum and a need to focus on families, especially those who have children with special needs, and that was when Manos’ mission was revised.  
2018 Manos Que Sobreviven received non-profit status as a 501 (3)(c) corporation.  Some of its projects:



  • Serving residents of Downtown LA’s Skid Row prepared lunches and a hot drink.

  • Serving residents of a homeless shelter a hot meal.

  • Ward.Collecting gifts for children in Orange County’s Children’s Hospital Cancer 

  • Mexico.Organizing individual Christmas gifts for HIV children in an orphanage in 

  • Fundraising and collecting cash for an orphanage in Mexico.

  • Participating in a children’s Christmas event for a disadvantaged community.outside Tijuana, Mexico, including the collection of specific gifts for 60  Children in the community.Toy fund drive for special needs children at Shriners Hospital, Pasadena.

  • Christmas toy drive at Northeast LA Schools.

  • Party event for special needs children in Glassell Park, LA.

  • Assisting homeless service organizations to provide services for families. 

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